We are the new alternative in Jammu and Kashmir : Sajad Lone


Terming the alliance of National Conference (NC), Congress, and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as “opportunistic”, Peoples Conference chairman Sajad Lone said on Friday the three-party alliance has failed to stop their progress. He added that his party has emerged as the new alternative in Jammu and Kashmir.

“This was an opportunistic alliance just to ensure and stall the entry of a third regional party. But they have failed. We are the new alternative. We will go to the people’s court. We will go from village to village and then let the people decide,” Lone told reporters in the maiden press conference after the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly.

Hinting at the defection of leaders from other parties, he said, today Imran Ansari (former PDP MLA) has defected, soon others will follow. “There is a long line from all sides. This is movement for change. They said they came together to save Article 370. And with whom? The Congress that made 52 amendments? Who do you want to save?” he asked.

Elaborating the same, he said if any leader cannot inspire his MLAs or workers, someone else should not be blamed for being able to do that. “If they (leaders from other parties) come on their own, I can’t shut my doors. If some windfall comes why should I say no? he asked.

On staking claim for the government, he said he had numbers that he could prove on the floor of the House. “I challenge them. Let them move the court. I think they have a strong case; I’m sure the court will grant them relief,” he said.

Justifying his alliance with the BJP, Lone said if it is a sin, then Omar Abdullah was the first to commit the same when he became the poster boy of the NDA.

“If forming an alliance with them is a crime, the National Conference was the first to do it. Omar Abdullah was the foreign minister and poster boy of the NDA. I still remember when he disrespected my dead father. Madam Mehbooba was in power with the BJP for three years. Did nothing feel wrong then? he said


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