‘We have to run all the way to Jammu for even snakebites’


Jammu and Kashmir

At the time of PDP-Congress Govt in 2002, Jourian village which falls under Akhnoor constitution was said to be the site for 100 bed Sub District Hospital after regular requests from the villagers.

The local people’s hopes shot high when the coalition party of NC-Congress Govt initiated the construction of the Hospital in 2012, assuming that their daily challenges like Road Accident and other problems will be sorted in no time as their treatment will be done easily.Jourian Hospital 1

17 Crore rupees was sanctioned by the PDP-Congress Govt for this project but merely 3 Crore rupees work was done.

Later the Government changed with new Ministries taking up the hotseat and construction for this Hospital was halted.

Local people hopes were led down when the current BJP-PDP Govt did not showed any interest in resuming the work of the hospital.Jourian Hospital

People of Jourian have asked Govt to finish the work they have started in previous term and then sanction the new projects.

Baba Bharti, a local of Jourian has targeted CHC, saying that it does not provide proper facility to its patients and also lacks in basic medicines and skilled staff.



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