Weekend Getaway Destination: Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary

Located at about half an hour drive from Jammu city, Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is sprawled over an area of 34 sq km. It is inhabited by endangered and rare flora and fauna species which makes it an interesting place to visit in Jammu.

People who are interested in the bird-watching tour at this sanctuary need to get wildlife tour permits that are provided by the Regional Wildlife Warden in Ramnagar, Jammu & Kashmir.  

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Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary has derived its name from the nearby Nandini village.It is a home for a wide range of animals and birds but is best known for its significant population of pheasants. Visiting this place, one can see two species of civet cats, jungle cat, hare, common leopard, rhesus monkey, mongoose, five-striped squirrel and porcupine.Wild boar, goral, leopard, grey langur, and rhesus monkey are some of the main species of this sanctuary.

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For bird lovers, the place is not at all a disappointment. Here you  will get to see some very rare members of bird kingdom like the Babblers, great jungle fowl, barbets, bee-eaters, bulbul, Indian mynah, blue rock pigeon, peafowl, red jungle fowl, chir pheasants, chakor etc. Watching these beautiful winged creatures can be a pleasurable experience.

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The best time to sight animals in Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is from September to March.
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