Weekend Getaway Destination – The heart of Akhnoor: Akhnoor Fort



Akhnoor is believed to be the mythical Virat Nagri mentioned in Mahabharat. With its sprawling landscape, the majestic Chenab flowing by, the fort, the temples, Akhnoor has features to become a become a tourist hub of Jammu.

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Akhnoor Fort, situated on the right bank of Chenab is among one of the places to visit must in Akhnoor. It was built in the 18 century AD by the King Raja Tej Singh.

The construction of the fort was started in 1762 AD and it took forty years to complete.

The fort has two parts which are bifurcated by a wall with a gate leading to the palace located on the southern side. The palace is two storeyed and the walls facing the courtyard have decorated arches, some of which contain mural paintings.

The walls are fortified with bastions at regular intervals and are crowned with battlements. There are two storeyed watch-towers at the corners which are also crowned by battlements and merlons.

Access to the fort is obtained through both the river side and the northern side as well. Formally, a large part of the fort is in ruins; conservation work of the fort is currently in progress.

This two storey is under the ASI’s jurisdiction since 1982 and is a declared national monument which might be in ruins but definitely one good place to visit in Jammu.