Weekend Getaway Diaries, Jammu: Baba Dhansar

Our pick this weekend for Jammuites is Baba Dhansar. Just pack your bags and hit this cool hideout to getaway from summery wave engulfing Jammu even at this month of the year.
baba dhansar
Baba Dhansar is another holy place in the Jammu, also known as the city of temples. The presence of the age old Shiva temple at this place is the primary reason for the fame of the place. According to mythological beliefs, when Lord Shiva went to Amarnath to reveal his powers of immortality to Parvati, he left his serpent king Sheshnag at Anantnag. Sheshnag later took a human form as Vasudev and bore a son named Dhansar, who turned to be a saintly person. The place is named after this son of Sheshnag as Baba Dhansar.
The major attraction of Dhansar, however, is a gushing spring which emerges from the rocks and disappears into a thick grove of trees, later re-emerging as a number of small waterfalls forming a pool flowing into the valley. It is quite a breathtaking sight to catch. The splendour of the valley blending with the spirituality of the place makes Baba Dhansar a perfect tourist spot that people from all walks of life can enjoy.

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