Were Hindu gods really married?

How can supreme powers be a male or a female? Or is there any philosophical meaning attached to their gender?

 Basically, God in general is represented as male whereas the energy of the God is considered as his spouse. In Hinduism, God is seen as a divine duo. The illustration is used to represent that God is One and is omnipresent. The allegory of a divine couple is used to explain the Oneness.

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The Hinduism is preached on a different scale wherein uneducated people are made to understand the philosophy on a basic level so that they can relate to it in the form of a story. The focus is kept on the temples and the Gods and Goddesses inside them. People believe that God resides inside the idols and thus they worship them with devotion.

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Different tales of the Puranas have been the basis of plays and dances and storytelling.These stories tell us the way to manage our homes, ways to raise children and a lot other things.


People who might have studied the Hindu philosophy must agree to the point that Gods are neither males nor females. The Godly level is achieved by meditation and it can be acquired by blending the feminine and masculine currents, ida and pingala, into the spiritual current, sushumna,  at the core of the spine within each individual.

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