Westernization – The wrong interpretation by Our Society

Westernization – The Most Misunderstood Word in India

Acceptation of new culture brings with it a wave of opposition and disagreement as an unavoidable part. Similarly, when it comes to the acceptance of westernization in our Indian society, the time is nowhere near when the natives are acutely going to accept this change and where westernization is going to earn its value.

Well! The prime reason of accepting something is that you understand it. When you do not understand what exactly the notion of a concept is, you certainly can’t just go with it, and that too when it comes to the society like Indian society.

It is not that India is being targeted here; the point is that we Indians have this tendency of not accepting certain things. Our society has completely fallen apart, failing to understand the actual meaning of what we call ‘westernization’ which is the Occidentalizing of the world. Westernization (US) or Westernization (UK), also Europeanization/Europeanisation or occidentalization/occidentalisation (from the Occident, meaning the Western world; see “occident” in the dictionary), is a process whereby societies come under or adopt Western culture in areas such as industry, technology, law, politics, economics, lifestyle, diet, clothing, language, alphabet, religion, philosophy, and values.

Westernization has been an accelerating influence across the world in the last few centuries, with some thinkers assuming Westernization to be the equivalent of modernization, a way of thought that is often debated.

The overall process of Westernization is often two-sided in that Western influences and interests themselves are joined with parts of the affected society, at minimum, to change towards a more Westernized society, in the hope of attaining a Western life or some aspects of it, while Western societies are themselves affected by this process and interaction with non-Western groups.

The Romans emerged with a culture that would lay the new foundations of Europe and create the new western identity based on the Greco-Roman society.

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