What happened with this Jammu University female student is shameful


JAMMU, Aug 2: There would barely be any students at the University of Jammu who would not have complained about the varsity’s inefficiency and that speaks miles about the way things operate at the university that it may, for many reasons be called a ‘disorganization’.

In this particular case, the Jammu University (JU) administration resorted to unfair means to punish its own student because she had exposed the malfunctioning of the varsity’s Examination Wing.

JU sank lower than one can imagine to cover up its own faults by falsely implicating the female candidate for engaging in ‘unfair means’ when the student was not even present in the exam.

The girl had approached media to expose the JU’s malfunctioning Examination Wing which chose to punish the girl in what can even be a legal problem for the University.

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This is What had Happened

The controversy dates back to May this year when the said female student was not allowed to sit in the examination despite a roll number that was issued to her. After the administration showed no interest in her career getting destroyed, she approached press with the story. The matter obviously now reached the attention of the authorities who got vengeful.

The candidate approached the Controller Examination seeking his intervention and justice but the authorities instead of taking any action against negligence of the Examination wing, framed a case of Unfair Means against the candidate. It was also alleged that she had maligned image of Jammu University in media and so she has to pay for the same.

The JU Controller of Examination, Sanjeev Mahajan, said that the candidate did not go the examination hall and this was informed by the Superintendent of the centre.

The case of unfair means was framed against the student as she had tried to malign the image of Jammu University by approaching media over the issue including presenting wrong statement of facts to the university authority in writing as well as in the newspaper by claiming that she was not allowed to sit in the examination centre inspite of issuance of the roll number slip.

The University Management may actually be lying

The mobile phone call details of the candidate, Controller of Examination and JU employee Manzoor establish that on May 7, the trio were in conservation with one another from 10.23 a.m to 12.30 noon.

The same detail was furnished by the female to JU in vain according to sources. The girl had held that she was not allowed to sit for the exam as mentioned earlier. She called the controller after she was not allowed to sit for the exam.

Further, when she was present at the University Premises, held on the call of Controller, it is hard to believe that the candidate, who is also a mother of a 3-month old child, had covered a distance of near 80 kms from Kathua, to Jammu just to avail an opportunity for doing propaganda against the university.

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What is further wrong in this case

JU for the first time ever has framed a case of Unfair Means in an event where the student was not even allowed to sit for exam for starters. The girl has been held responsible for going to media to report her grievance. Se has also been served an official warning to be careful in future against approaching the press if she wants to let her case absolved .

All the facts which prove innocence of the female student in the case have been presented to JU. Instead of resolving her case, the JU authorities are now forcing the victim for to submit in written that she would not approach the press to get her Unfair means case let off.

“I am directed to inform you that the authority has taken serious note of your repeatedly approaching the press on false grounds and you are warned to be careful in future. You are also required to give an undertaking in writing to this effect at the earliest so that your case may be let off,” says the latest official communication to the female student, namely Shabnam Akhtar, resident of Barnoti in Kathua and studying in M.A Sociology, 2nd semester from the Directorate of Distance Education in JU.

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