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What Hindus should be proud of

If you use the statement that  “I am a Hindu” either in the West or even in India, stay prepared to face criticism. In the same countries if someone will claim that they have become a Buddhist or Muslim, they will not be asked any questions or looked down upon. But what is deplorable is that even in our country if someone wants to adopt Hinduism he or she have to put up with the negative remarks of the society as converting your religion to Islam and Christianity is not made a big deal at all.

The Hindu practice of yoga is followed by most of the western countries which have now extended it further to worshipping Shiva and other Hindu deities. And if anybody ask them what religion they are following they will never say Hinduism even when they are clearly following the culture from cow to the base i.e from mantra to meditation.

However, the westerners will never call themselves Hindus even after following all Hindu teachings and adopting Sanskrit names relating to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. This reflects their mindset about Hinduism to whom they still consider as an amalgam of backward social rituals instead of enlightened spiritual teachings.
Most of the yoga students follow a particular guru and derive benefit from all the practices mentioned in Vedas,  Bhagavad Gita – primary Hindu scriptures yet they will never admit to the fact that they are following Hinduism.
Luckily people are becoming aware of the rich Hindu culture and its traditions. But they must accept the fact that they admire Hinduism, doing so can be interpreted as showing respect towards ancient spiritual roots.