What is happening in my country?


Citizen Journalist Report by Akanksha Gupta

The Jats in Haryana are not only agitating. They have turned into goons. They are looting and assaulting people. People have been killed from different caste, and their shops and homes torched. News have come that around 10 women who were travelling in a vehicle on Monday were dragged out and then raped while their vehicle was set on fire.51049773

Another Om Prakash, an old potter, lost his 25-year-old son Virender on Friday who was a car mechanic. He was found dead at a blockade set up by Jats on Gawalison Road, about 5 km away. His skull had been split with an axe.”

This is a supreme example of inhumanity. They are causing extreme mob-violence in a race just to be called most backward in the country. They are killing the people from other caste, just because they are from other caste. Is that going to give you reservation? Well perhaps, it does in our country.

My country is burning in the hell fire of casteism and communalism. People have left with no sense of humanity, sanity, or any sort of intelligence. They are no different from animals. This is one of the sickest mindset Indians suffer from.

Almost every individual of my country is burning in this prejudice of caste.

This all is happening because that one person has a different “last name” than the other. If even in this age, people do not have enough brains to stop this race of being backward in our country, well congratulations because there is no hope left. Just kill each other to get reservation, and destroy the country.

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