What makes Indian Soldier sacrifice their life for the country?


“Indian Soldier” these two words are themselves so powerful that when we speak these words our eyes become little moist and our head is held high with respect and gratitude to their sacrifice. They guard us like their family without any complaint whatever may be the conditions form cold winters to harsh summers and form icy Himalayas to the scorching heat of desert.

Indian Soldier makes lots of sacrifice so that we can sleep at night in peace. Indian solider is a role model for people of India. Honest, positively secular with an ethos of working hard, simple needs and frugal habits, he is the personification of courage and constant devotion to duty.

These are the things which make an Indian solider sacrifice their life for their country. Despite the danger, hardships and privation of life on the frontier he stand tall and firm and his courage never gets week.

A Fauji has been forged to protect their country. They take oath that “I will, as in duty bound honestly and faithfully, serve in the regular Army of the Union of India and go wherever ordered, by land, sea or air, and that I will observe and obey all the commands of the President of the Union of India and the commands of any officer set above me, even to the peril of my life.”

Since 1947 Indian Army has been guarding us from the intruders, terrorists and other external attacks. It is their bravery, their longing to support the country that urges them to sacrifice their lives for us. Soldiers fight willingly, selflessly, and unpretentiously today to give us better tomorrow. But they ask nothing In return. He feels that his fellow soldiers who laid down their lives for their country will remain unwept, unhonoured and unsung. But, even here he draws comfort from the famous poem ‘The Bivouac of the Dead’: “On fame’s eternal camping ground, their silent tents are spread; and, glory guards with solemn round, the bivouac of the dead.” 

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” This feeling of love makes them sacrifice their life for their country. Indian army gives so much but get nothing in return yet he dedicates his life for his country. “kuchh baat hai jo hasti mit ti nahin hamari” it is because of his courage and his sacrifices.

We salute our soldiers for their contributions for our motherland. Jai Hind!

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