What’s wrong with the Indian Education System that requires immediate attention?


If a General category student scores 98+ percentile he doesn’t have the right to even expect a missed call from any IIMs. Whereas, a highly reserved person can do wonders even without scoring well and lesser than the general category candidate.
100% scholarship for reserved students is a great idea but this way of selection isn’t.

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Not only the selection process is badly designed, the syllabus for technical education is not updated as it is done in universities across the globe, But you may also say, India has created many hardcore technical professionals but the truth is they needed help for other global universities, there are few exceptional colleges and universities in India but not everyone can get into those colleges due to many reasons.

In India again except for few, most school and colleges even engineering and other undergraduate colleges just try to put as much burden as possible by imposing as much homework as possible which is only writing and nothing else. Writing 100–1000 of pages, most of the students have no clue what they are writing, they will just try to complete given task on time by copying. Instead of giving writing stuff as homework students should be given some practical homework which will make students understand concepts more clearly.

We have an ample number of service companies in India and very less number of product based companies in India, so we are mainly providing service and not creating any new innovative products.

We Indians have really great potential and we need to invest that potential on Innovation and not on providing services.

Lakhs of students clear their technical education every year so we can literally create 1000’s of new companies but again our education is designed in such a way that it creates mostly serving employees and not entrepreneurs or innovators.