WhatsApp introduces new features to its Android App

Image Courtesy- Online Media Sources

WhatsApp has introduced several new features to its Android app including the recently tipped ‘mark as unread’ feature in addition to the custom notifications, among others.

One of the most widely used instant messaging service has been on an update releasing spree and has outed successive WhatsApp for the Android updates bumping the version v2.12.189 to v2.12.194.

  • The update introduces new custom notifications settings for individual contacts and groups. You can find the setting in a contact’s or group’s ‘Details’ page below the media box.
  • The notification setting box will also include an option for ‘mute’ chat and for a new custom notification option. This feature will let the users select custom options for tones, vibration length, popup notification and more.
  • There is also a much anticipated mark as unread feature allowing the users to mark a chat as unread by just tapping and holding any conversation. The feature however, doesn’t help you switch the status for sender and only makes changes at the receiver’s end. It can be useful in case where the user wants to come back to a chat at a later time.
  • The update also adds low data usage option for voice calls, which can be useful at locations with limited connectivity.
  • Last but not the least, the change spotted hints that WhatsApp is once again bringing the Google Drive backup and ‘restore’ option which was removed after a short time in April.

However, the recent version is yet to reach Google Play and thus, users will have to wait a bit for these features.