WhatsApp ‘Payment’ feature in testing stage, Indian users may get it soon. Here’s how does it works

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It seems, WhatsApp is on a roll. After introducing the ‘live location’ and ‘delete for everyone’ feature for both iOS and Android users recently, WhatsApp is seemingly preparing to add another nifty feature to its platform. It is the payment option — with which you will be able to make digital transactions to your contacts. We have been hearing about this feature for a long time now, but now, a new report spills more information about the WhatsApp ‘Pay’ feature. Sources close to Factor Daily reveal that WhatsApp is already working on the Pay feature and is in its final stage of development.

According to the report, WhatsApp is readying the in-chat payment option and may officially roll out the feature sometime around December. Indian users are likely to get the feature at the same time, i.e December. “They are likely to do some sort of an extended beta program for the feature in November and by December you can expect a full rollout,” notes a source aware of the plan.

Earlier reports claimed that WhatsApp is talking with financial institutions for its upcoming payment feature. However, the Facebook-owned messaging application hasn’t revealed any details about this feature as of yet. So if at WhatsApp is working on this payment feature – there’s no doubt that it is going to be a big threat for other players in the Indian digital payments ecosystem.

The new report reveals that WhatsApp payment feature is in its final stage and almost nearing announcement. WhatsApp employees are seemingly testing the feature. Reports are also such that WhatsAp may conduct some sort of extended beta program for the payment feature in November before the final roll out – which is to happen in December.


The messaging app is reportedly in talks with three major financial institutions of the country which are — State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank for its payment feature. However, there are no official words by WhatsApp or these banks about the same as of yet.

How will WhatsApp payment feature work?

There’s no doubt that with the Pay feature – WhatsApp will definitely pose threat to other players on the digital payment space. This is because, to use WhatsApp’s payment feature – you will not have to leave the chat interface. This means, like you share contacts, of other media files, you will be able to send money to friends or contacts. Going by the reports, there will be a separate option for the payment feature. So where will you find the Pay option? And how can you use it?

Like you share contacts or other documents, to use the payment feature, you’ll need to go to the attachment icon and there will be separate option for payment. As of now, there are no official words what will WhatsApp call the feature, but some reports claims that it may simply call it — Pay. The Pay option will come with a rupee symbol.

To make digital payments, you’ll need to go to – attachment > rupee symbol > click on it. After which WhatsApp will ask you to put the amount, provide personal identification number and click on the send button. The receiver will get a message – similar to a new message. The receiver will then have an option to either accept or reject the payment. This is everything that is known about the feature as of now. The user will definitely have to link their bank account details ton WhatsApp to initiate the payment process.


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