WhatsApp shares land the admins behind bars


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The first thing most of us do in the morning is grab our mobiles and go through our WhatsApp messages though most of them we delete without even reading and those we read, we believe it instantly if it is an informative message without even checking for its authenticity. It’s quite strange the amount of belief we put in the information received with a beep of the notification of our WhatsApp and forwarding the same believing it as our moral obligation to do so.

Imagine a scandalous message arriveing from a certain WhatsApp group you have joined. It causes a certain amount of panic in you, coupled with an incessant need to share it with the world. Just a little button and there you can forward it to the next contact in your list. It’s so much easier than going online and actually confirming the facts. After a day, you get a call from the authorities saying you’re booked under Section 66/IT Act for airing rumors and fabricated information to the people. That really is the case when on Aug, 13, Police booked three WhatsApp group admins for proliferating rumors and wrongful information that could create disturbances and vitiate peace.

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A police spokesman said police has registered FIRs under the above mentioned Section 66/IT Act bearing numbers 163/2014 in Budgam, 217/2014 in Baramulla and 198/2014 in Pulwama respectively for spreading rumors and fabricated information that could create disturbances and vitiate peace.

He said investigation into various updates and posts that have surfaces on WhatsApp and other social networking sites is going on, adding , more arrests are expected.

So, the next time you get a message telling about a suicide of a celebrity or a murder of a politician, be sure you have checked for its authenticity before going viral with it.