When PM Modi completely bypassed BJP Jammu leadership

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Jammu, August 29: The incumbent leadership of the State BJP is deliberately not being involved in any talks by the party High Command or track II diplomacy to restore peace in Kashmir valley. Both the Union Government and the BJP high command are unsatisfied with the performance of the present leadership of the party in J&K. This is significant as given away by the actions of the High Command because the state is reeling under a turmoil not seen since the 1990s.

According to a participant in the Opposition delegation which visited New Delhi to meet the Prime Minister, the central leadership of the BJP has acknowledged that its J&K state unit has failed to react wisely at such a sensitive time.

“All central leaders including ministers, with whom we met during our visit to Delhi, candidly admitted that after enjoying power for the first time, local BJP leaders are not behaving in a mature manner,” a member of the Opposition delegation told The Tribune on condition of anonymity, while quoting a senior BJP minister.

The member further revealed that during their meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it was observed that the Prime Minister himself was not satisfied with the performance of his party leadership in J&K.


In the same report, it was also quoted that the the BJP high command has realised that present leadership of the local unit was not competent enough to handle the sensitive issues and that is why Ram Madhav has been deputed every single time for any important initiative.

“This was further corroborated by the fact that the local leadership had no idea about Ram Madhav’s two successive visits to Srinagar, is an indication that the high command has directly ignore local leaders on important assignments,” a source said. The source also added that only Ram Madhav will deal with such important assignments in future.

National General Secretary of the BJP, Ram Madhav was instrumental in the formation of the PDP-BJP coalition in J&K. Madhav is also the architect of the “Agenda of Alliance” – the document of governance in J&K.

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