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When will these politicians stop supporting Pakistan ?

By Arun K. Gupta

Inke naam mei hai ‘Sita’ bhi aur ‘Ram’ bhi . But still his character contradicts his name.  He is none other than Mr. Sita Ram Yechuri .

It is utter disgusting that how CPI (M) General Secretary Sita Ram Yechuri advocates in a most brazen and irresponsible manner for initiating a peace dialogue with Pakistan under prevailing circumstances.

Should I call this insanity or innocence or a political gimmick by him in order to score political brownie points?

19 soldiers were martyred in a terrorist attack at Uri. Not only this, thousands of soldiers have lost their lives fighting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

The recent step taken by India to  diplomatic isolate Pakistan at international level  and a warning by US state Department against terror strikes are enough to declare Pakistan a terrorist state.

An online petition to White House seeking to declare Pakistan a terrorist state has already been submitted. Besides, all the 7 SAARC countries have given a call of boycott to the  forthcoming summit, which was scheduled to be held at Islamabad in November.

So, let’s come back to Sita Ram Yechuri. Aren’t these initiatives taken by India at  International level enough for Mr. Yechuri to recover from his prolonged sickness?

How he defends Pakistan, an enemy country, against his own country is surprising and shocking.

In fact, most dangerous  thing to worry about in this time of crisis is the negative role being played by pseudo ‘sickular’  politicians across political spectrum  in our country.

It is the time when we all should stand behind the army and our government  and support them, come what may.