Where are the water filters?

Citizen Journalist report by Akshay Chopra

While monsoons have heightened water logging problems in the city, the water woes for the citizens of old city is worsening day by day. The number of residents from Panjtirthi, Ustaad Mohalla and Kachi Chawni areas have complained that they are being supplied with unfiltered water  by Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department which is a huge threat to the Public health.dirty water supply in old city

Despite these three areas, he problem of dirty water supply is very common in the old city.

dirty water in old city (2)dirty water in old city (1)The residents said that they have complained the PHE officials for a number of times but that they are forced to drink water  is dirty and having pale colour in absence of any authority giving attention  to  their complain.

“The drinking water which is supplied to us has abandoned all properties of potable drinking water. The water emits foul smell and is pale in color which we are forced to drink,” said Ravi Sharma showing bottle full of dirty water.dirty water in old city (5) dirty water in old city (4)

It’s been more than weeks now since this murky water is being supplied to the household of old city . The residents are afraid of an  outbreak of water-borne diseases if they keep on consuming this dirty piped water.

dirty water in old city (6)

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