Where did you sell your wife: Cops ask man, who went to file his wife’s missing complaint


JAMMU: Anita devi W/o Swarn Singh, resident of  Marh, is missing since 20th September. According to her husband, she left for house for her parental home on the eve of September 20th. Swarn Singh waited for his wife to returned home, he called her mother-in-law and sister-in-law to confirm if she was still there but they said that she didn’t come to them, at the first place.

Anita was an eye-patient and she frequently visited Bakshi Nagar Hosptial, Jammu.


Swarn Singh is now, running from piller to pole to find his missing wife, who is mother of two sons, the elder one being 15 year old and the younger one 12 year old. The two tennaged boys now do the household chores with the help of their father.

As his wife is uneducated and is not aware of her surroundings in Jammu, he suspects that she is lost track of place.

While Swarn’s in-laws are accusing Swarn Singh of their daughter being lost. On appeal of Anita Devi’s family, the police went to Swarn’s house and misbehaved with him. “Whom have you sold your wife to?”, asked the police. I was taken aback by their questions, tells Swarn drenched in tears.

Swarn was also taken to custody and was thrashed with sticks by police, in a bid to reveal truth from him. After a day, he was released.

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