While Delhi is on terror radar, Jammu too must remain vigilant


BSFWhile the national capital has been put on a high alert after Delhi police busted a LeT module it is equally important for Jammu police to remain on highest alert because the city is on the radar of terrorists because of it’s nationalist, pro- India leanings, and also because of it’s secular character which has defied all challenges to it’s humane ethos. Hindus and Muslims in Jammu have been living in peace for centuries, and there has been no clash as tension here is more on ethnic, and linguistic lines with Dogras of all hues opposed to Kashmiri domination.

A special cell unit of Delhi police had acted on a tip off that two LeT operatives were planning major attack in Delhi. Sources said that these attacks are being planned as a retort to the killing top Lashkar commanded Abu Qasim. A couple of days back the Jammu police had managed to eliminate a similar cell when it arrested an ultra from Narwal who was asked to create sleeper cells across Jammu city, motivate youth to join their ranks, and to attack sensitive installations.

It goes to the credit of Jammu police that it was able to eliminate the terror threat but in light of the new plans being made by LeT after the new chief Abu Dujana took over it is important that our intelligence agencies keep their eyes and ears open. In most of the cases of terror attacks it is the intelligence failure which has led to mass killings, and blasts, and some of the most obvious clues have been overlooked by sleuths.

In Delhi, the police has said the the two LeT operatives are in constant touch with their handlers in Pakistan and could cause a major attack in Delhi.

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