Whistleblower being harassed on Complaint against Land Mafia in Marh


Land mafia has purportedly been infringing upon State land at Rajpura zone of Tehsil Marh and selling it unabatedly however concerned divisions have shut their eyes purposely towards this grave issue apparently for their personal stake.

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This land mafia is particularly dynamic and prospering around there has progressively been infringing upon Chenab River bed. The boss of this mafia has been illicitly obtaining and selling State land in the Chenab stream bed and for understanding his accursed structures, he had moved an application for prohibitory injunction more than 50 Kanals and 18 Marlas of State land falling in Khasra No. 482 of Panchayat Panjore of Tehsil Marh which was subdued by the court.

The said part of State land which is abutted to Minor Forest Produce (MFP) closure Garkhal was bought by this land grabber with the thought process to infringe upon the bordering Forest closures as well however a neighborhood informant documented a PIL under the watchful eye of the High Court to spare this enormous piece of State land.

As of late, the supposed land grabber got built a water tank inside MFP Forest closure Kanachak and when this issue was accounted for to the Forest authorities, they somewhat disassembled it, however, did not document a Police protest against him.

So as to put a brake on the campaign launched by the informant, the land mafia held up a protest with Police Station Kanachak and made outlandish and pointless charges against him and without taking perception of the issue, the police have brought the informant thrice to the Police Station and have cautioned him to halt from his exercises against land grabbers.

Informant held up the protest with Governor Grievance Cell requesting a high-level state investigation into the issue and directing Anti Corruption Branch to examine the deal and buy of State land in Chenab river bed at Panchayat Panjore and ask Police Authorities to stop further badgering of the informant.