Who funds ISIS, Lashkar and other terrorist outfits?

It is widely known fact that terrorism is backed by government funds and the respective governments use them as proxies to disrupt other countries. India too is facing the proxies from her dear friend Pakistan which continues to disrupt peace and tranquility, especially in Jammu and Kashmir.

Are these attacks done in a bid to gain popularity and publicity? Or are funded by external governments to ensure that the democracy is impaired?

Intelligence agencies from across the world have clearly highlighted that the funding from countries, mainly Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar is what keeps the terrorist outfit going. The ISIS does boast about its finances that it generates out oil wells and these finances are sufficient for them to continue fighting in Iraq and Syria but for the rest of countries, the Gulf nations have been repeatedly funding the ISIS to ensure that they wage the proxy battles. These funds serve two-fold purpose for ISIS- they gain publicity while carrying out such strikes and also help them earn hefty money.

Saudi Arabia implements the Wahabi style of Islam which ensures that democracy is buried far behind and will go an extra mile to beat it down.  Even in India, groups such as the Lashkar-e-Toiba rely heavily such funds. For countries wanting to disturb democracy the ideal way to go about, is by funding these groups and using them as proxies.

Pakistan has been doing the same in case of India for several decades now. The only way to get rid of these proxies is to break their finances, as the experts suggest.

With inputs from One India

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