Who is responsible for Shaista’s killing?

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Srinagar, February 16: Shaista, a 21-year-old woman resident of Pulwama was just peeping through the window of her house when the bullet hit her resulting in her death.

As per reports and the accounts of witnesses, no crossfire was going on at the moment when she was shot. Also, Shaista’s home was at a distance from the site where clashes were going on between a stone-pelting mob and the security personnel. The question now arises is this – From where did the bullet come? Who will now be held responsible for her death?

Someone has to take the responsibility. Who will do that?

Killing of civilians during police encounters with militants is totally unjustified even if they are taking part in protests. They do not have arms. It is the militants who have guns and they kill people. Forces should fight militants. The non-combatants are not guilty enough to be shot dead.

What has actually happened in Kakpora on Monday is an everyday story in Kashmir these days. The locals have developed a soft corner for militants and they were protecting one of them by forming a human wall. They started pelting stones and consequently it evoked fierce response and it resulted in the death of two students. Some of the others got injured but the militant escaped.

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In view of Lt Gen Satish Dua, the Corps Commander of 15 Corps, with the killing of civilians during such incidents, the security forces have gained hatred among the local population. At the same time, instances such as these have also become a breeding ground for more sympathy and support for militancy. When civilians fall, their hopes fall too and this all helps those who want to spread anti-India sentiment in the valley.

When you are under a heavy shower of stones, you are bound to react. No one in the world is trained to bear a shower of stones amid battling militants and the shots were a response. Sadly, the militants live another day, some of them would instigate the locals even more and as a result, more civilians would lose their lives. The locals, with an affinity growing for these militants, would refuse to accept this fact today and the truth would be hidden for longer.

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More deaths mean more instigation by the militants. But more important than all, a vicious circle that completes its circumference at hatred for the army grows stronger!

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