Whopping sixty thousands posts lying vacant in J&K; Govt still talks of contract, private jobs


While there is rampant unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir it has been shockingly revealed that almost sixty thousand government posts are lying pending in the state. This is also the reason that the education department is in a dysfunctional condition because close to seventeen thousand posts are lying vacant in this crucial sector. It is however a different matter that thousands of teachers in the state have failed to ensure good quality education in government schools. The situation is the same in health, and medical department where almost five thousand gazzetted and non-gazetted posts have not been filled, and situation is the same in almost all the departments of the state. Whether it is technical organizations or the civil departments almost all are facing shortfall of manpower which is also affecting the public service.

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Despite the shortfall in manpower, consecutive state governments have failed to hire people, and recruit the staff while they have been singing paens about skill development, creating jobs, self-employment and entrepreneurship. This is despite the fact that sixty thousand vacancies are already budgeted, and accounted for, and there would no need for getting additional funds or permissions to fill them. The government argues that the reason for not filling the posts is that recruitment agencies are not up to the mark, and they work very slow. The JKPSC, and SSRB are not able to handle the recruitment process in the right manner but these arguments look specious. If this was true then government could have streamlined these recruiting bodies years back. New rules could be formed, and practices introduced so that recruitment becomes easier, and smoother. But there seems to be something more behind the government lethargy in recruitment rather than the slow pace of hiring agencies.

It is being speculated that government wants to trim the size of the bureaucracy, and involve more private sector, and private companies to perform the non-core activities. It also does not want to add to the number of employees beyond what is needed for the bare minimum functioning. Critics argue that leaving so much posts vacant allows the politicians to hire people from backdoor, and also on adhoc basis which gives them undue influence over the populace. It is also a way in which wrong, and illegal appointments can be made easily as there is little accountability on the executive as far as adhoc posts are concerned. The worst part is that due to non-recruitment thousands of posts are lying vacant in remote and hilly areas of the state like Ladakh, Doda, Poonch, Rajouri, and other areas. There has been migration from Ladakh, and other areas to Jammu because there are no enough good education, and professional facilities available in these areas. The technical posts in several departments are vacant, and essential services in many cases are suffering across the state.

Not only this unemployed youth in the state are suffering badly because of the lack of the opportunities, and they are being forced to seek jobs outside the state in metro cities. In fact, lack of jobs is creating a new wave of migrants from Jammu and other parts of the state as government which is the major employer is refusing to do it’s job.

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