Who’s wrong in the Delhi man beating incident? Know what the law says


The recent incident in Delhi where it was seen in the viral video that there was a fight between some Delhi Police officials and a tempo driver and his son. The fight quickly took the shape of deadly assaults by both the sides on each other. What has come out of this unfortunate incident that people have started taking sides. While some consider Delhi Police wrong, others consider the tempo driver and his son wrong.

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As usual, this has led to groups among social media fraternity. Each group is turning a blind eye towards reality. Specifically mentioning, the religion of the tempo driver will not be mentioned here because in reality, the unfortunate incident took place between a civilian and the authorities (some Delhi Policemen).

The people trying to give this incident a religious colour are just setting narratives and the people supporting the Delhi Police is just looking at half-truth. The answer to the question as to who’s wrong and who’s not is, simply, “both are wrong”.

Firstly, the supporters of the driver say, he took out his sword and carried assault with it in self-defence. This argument is wrong because the Indian Penal Code says that in exercising self-defence, one cannot use more force than is required to stop the attack. Also, Section-99 of the Indian Penal Code provides an exception that you cannot exercise the right to self-defence against police personnel who’s working under the colour of his office. In this case, no doubt, the police also exceeded their powers.

Secondly, instead of beating the civilian which is illegal and inhuman, the police could have legally arrested him for his wrong and could have put all the speculations to end.

But sadly, the civilian, as well as the police, failed to act according to law. The civilian hit one of them with a sword on his head and legs leading to a deep wound which required stitches. While the police beat the civilian mercilessly leading to scars and wounds which every one of us must have seen in the pictures. The defaulting policemen are rightfully suspended by the government and the civilian also deserves punishment for his criminal act.

It is requested that please learn to respond to different incidents in an impartial way. The police may not always be right. The issue may not always be religious. This incident could have happened with a person, not from the minority section. Please stop speculating and getting divided. Do not fall for narratives. See both of them as defaulters. Indian law is same for all its citizens. Let crime by any person be punished. Let the law decide.

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