Why are Kashmiri civilians risking their lives to help militants?

Impression on minds


Trendsetting the Herd-mentality

‘ Burhan Wani’ was crafted to portray him as an icon. The report states, “The youth know the names of local militants by heart, they hero-worship them and show every inclination to follow in their footsteps. Jihad graffiti is all over the place – on boundary walls and even the sides and facades of houses. There are Burhan parks, Burhan markets and Burhan playgrounds.”


Serious repercussions

The news report gives an insight into the repercussions of these events leading to misguidance and extreme steps taken by docile young boys, which is tragic. It reports, “Families of militants talk of their sons disappearing for no reason and then surfacing in social media videos wielding Kalashnikovs. One of them was the blogger Abdul, the 22-year-old son of banker Ghulam Rasool. On 11 October, he left home for evening prayers at the mosque but didn’t return. After days of frantic search, Dar was informed by the police that Basit had joined Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. He was killed 53 days later in an encounter at Marhama. Basit had not called his family once in those days, not even his mother.”
“I don’t understand what happened. He was a normal child. He never gave an indication of what was going on in his mind. Never discussed politics or Azadi, which would have alerted me,” spoke his grieving father.

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