Why are only civilians booked for Traffic Rules Violations?

Click on this too – “I am so happy because the Traffic Police caught a government vehicle today

Pictures by Rishav

You probably have seen traffic policemen charging fine from civilians for traffic rules violation but what if a government official is doing the same? Do not they have to abide by the rules? Just because of the mutual understanding or sometimes fear of a strike-back by a senior violating official, nobody puts a finger on the issue of traffic violations by government officials. This is a problem that needs to be highlighted because the law is above all and if civilians come under the purview of LAW, so do the government officials.

No marks for guessing which area in Jammu this is. You can clearly see two policemen in this picture and you can also clearly see how both of them are not wearing helmets. We could not follow both of them and so chose the cop on the right side. The number plate on his motorcycle reads JK 21 – 7308.

cop 1 - Copy

We followed him down the BC road for a while and then just at the beginning of the flyover  near secretariat that connects to Bikram Chowk we spotted this. The civilian on the motorcycle passing the standing cop is wearing a helmet. As a matter of duty the standing policeman could have stopped the rider policeman for not wearing a helmet but he did not. He even saw us clicking the pictures of the motorcycle riding policeman. His number plate is better visible in this image.

Riding without a worry in the world, this cop is carefree in talking over the phone while riding his two wheeler. Obviously, who should a policeman be scared of right?policeman 1

We appeal to the traffic authorities and the officials who expect the law to be followed only by civilians to please take notice of this issue. We agree completely with the safety measures such as helmets or seat belts that can save someone’s life. What we do not agree with is the SELECTIVE punishment meted out ONLY TO CIVILIANS. The law should be for all not just civilians.

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