Why aren’t the authorities lowering down the Dal level?



By Citizen Journalist Fayaz Khan

The September devastation has caused enough worry to the local residents as they are still struggling to get their lives back on the track. The locals living in the localities in the backwaters of Dal Lake are still living under threat as despite their frequent appeals to the authorities the level of the lake should be one feet below normal. The rains are very frequent these days and that can easily cause the lake to flood in these areas, it is still a huge risk to the residents.

Last year’s floods have already made our lives come to a standstill. The government and the concerned authorities are doing a lot but that is not enough. The situation can be made better if the Lakes and Waterways Development Authorities keep the level below normal. The authorities have however, kept the level two feet higher than the normal after 2014 floods. The victims have also protested under the banner of Kashmir Flood Victims Welfare Forum but the State as well as the Centre continue s to turn a deaf ear towards their frequent problems.

Also, the relief that has been provided barely satisfies the needs of the victims. The government needs to realize that they have to put more efforts for the recovery and rehabilitation of the sufferers.


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