Why CBSE system should be adopted by all State Board schools?

As far as our education system in the state is concerned, we have multiple problems associated with the rules and regulations, syllabus and examination pattern set up by the committee. What should be the purpose of education? Rote learning, skimming books without understanding anything? Well that seems to be the motto of all the institutions which come under Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education. We cannot deny the fact that CBSE system helps a student in many ways, few of them can be summed up as:

  • The recruitment standards are really bad in State boards schools.
  • English being the medium of teaching in schools must be preferred but State board teachers prefer teaching in Hindu language which can affect the communication skills of the students.
  • The fees charged by the schools are very high whereas the standard of teaching is comparatively low.
  • There is no provision for State Board teachers to improve their teaching skills whereas in CBSE system, special workshops are arranged for the teachers.
  • The state board schools are usually controlled by the people who actually own the school thus their main focus it to earn profit with few exceptions obviously.
  • Salary can be counted as a reason affecting the performance of the teachers.
  • In State board schools, students usually prefer mugging up the concepts instead of learning things.
  • CBSE students have to go through the textbooks to attempt all the questions in the exam whereas in order to qualify the State board examination, one needs to go through all the previous year papers and then they are done with it.
  • State Board students usually have focus on Board exams whereas the CBSE students are taught in a way to prepare themselves for the competitive examinations.