Why Do Hindu Women Wear Bangles?


Most of you might have noticed Indian women flaunting different beautiful and colourful bangles with the exquisite designs on them. Even if the swanky girls do not consider it so hip or are prohibited to flaunt bangles in the schools or colleges, they still manage somehow to wear bracelets which can be considered as a more trendy form  of bangle. Do you know why women adorn them so cheerfully?

The history behind the word is that it has been derived from a Sanskrit word “ bangali/bangri” which means the ornament which is used to prettify the arm. Women have been wearing it since ancient times and one can easily figure it out from the figurines of Mohanjodaro excavation or you can notice that Goddess Saraswati( Goddess of Learning) used to wear kangans (bangles).The bangles were made from gold, silver,glass, bronze, stone , shell, terracotta etc.

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In India, married women do not prefer to keep their arms completely bare so you can easily notice them wearing bangles as it is considered as an important part of a bride’s jewellery and is believed to symbolize the well-being of husband and sons. The only time an Indian women will remove her bangles is when she is widowed.

What colour symbolises

GOLD – Fortune

SILVER – Strength

WHITE – New Beginnings

BLACK – Power

RED – Energy

BLUE- Wisdom

ORANGE- Success

PURPLE – Independence

GREEN – Luck

YELLOW – Happiness

Apart from all this, few states have their own traditions to wear bangles and unique explanations attached to it.

In Punjab , a bride is supposed to adorn her arms with ivory bangles called chooda for at least 3 months or a year after her marriage.

In Rajasthan , women wear ivory bangles from wrists to upper arms as a symbol of well-being of their husbands.

In West Bengal , a bride wears a pair of white shell and coral bangles called Shakha Paula and Bengali women take pride in showing off their rituals symbol.

So, bangles for that matter represents rich traditions and culture of the Indian society which they perform with utmost aplomb. Thus we can say that bangles hold great value both culturally and scientifically as they are meant to bring good health and prosperity and cause a great flow of positive energy besides adding oomph to your look.