Why do Hindus believe in reincarnation?

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It is quite true that soul does not die rather body dies. It is believed that until soul gets contented with the life experiences, it will take birth time and again.Ultimately, we become one with God.

Explanation: The word “carnate” refers to the flesh and the word “reincarnate” means to re-enter the flesh. What we understand by this is that the soul develops from the spirituality. In Hinduism it is believed that a soul is immortal and it evolves from spiritual illumination. Soul never dies but body does. Soul just get transferred from one body to another during its journey. Death of the body is a natural process whereas the soul survives directed by karma and it continues its journey until it achieves Oneness with the God or what we generally term as “moksha”.
Modern science these days is determining reincarnation and many cases have been reported who remember their past lives. Research has been done by scientists, psychiatrists and parapsychologists and they have noted that in books and videos. Great saints talked about their past lives and many ancient scriptures disclose the concept of reincarnation. Reincarnation is believed not only in the Hinduism but in Sikhism and Jainism as well. Even Christians taught this concept in the beginning but later they gave up the concept with the advent of twelfth century.
After the death, the soul does leave the body but do not die as it is considered as a non-physical quantity. So what happens is that we keep experiencing the things until we enter into a new body.Every new soul looks for a home and family and when the soul gets contented with wisdom and love of the Almighty, there is no requirement of physical birth ver again. We can relate to this concept by looking at an example wherein if a student gets promoted to a higher class, it is impossible for him to go back to kindergarten. All these things gives us a better outlook of life by explaining that money, clothes and sex do not matter rather instinctive needs matter. It is taught in Hinduism that self-realization is above all and reincarnation leads us to God.

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