Why don’t we have 24×7 bijli despite surplus power generation  


India is now a net exporter of electricity for the first time in the history. India is producing; surplus power and exports electricity to its neighbours.

However, many people raise the question that if India is producing surplus power, why doesn’t every single household get 24X7 electricity?



State Govt. fail to keep-up

Electricity generation can be ensured by the Centre, but its distribution is the matter of state government. Unfortunately ever since independence, electricity boards of many states are hub of corruption.

The transmission system, technology and equipments belonging to electricity department date back to 1940s in most of the towns and villages. Be it transformer, wires, or distribution system, there literally has not been any upgrading of electrical systems since the independence. Once electricity is generated, it cannot be stored. If the efficient system to distribute electricity is not present, the produced electricity cannot be utilised.



Why no technical upgrade?

First, due to politicisation of electricity bills, tariff has remained so low that all the electricity boards are under massive loss. Currently state electricity boards are so poor that they cannot buy electricity from centre. Due to this loss, there has been no technical upgrade, leading to transmission loss, damage and various technical problems leading to load shedding. Unfortunately, except a very few states, none of the states even tried to significantly improve electricity distribution all across the state.


Another reason behind this is ourselves. Every time the govt wants to increase electricity bills even a few paise per unit, the people go on the roads and start protesting. Rather for “24 hour bijli”, our society prefers voting to a party which promises “free bijli”. We have to choose one – free bijli, or 24 hour bijli. An efficient service always comes at a cost. Electricity generation and efficient transmission are very costly and technologically advanced processes. You can’t get it for free.



We are to blame ourselves!

Also, by continuing practice such as  manipulating meter, using hooks, stealing power, not paying bills; we can’t expect better. Until and unless, corruption from state electricity boards is weeded out, electricity distribution and instruments are upgraded, new methods to improve transmission are adopted, the surplus energy being produced at the centre will continue to go wasted. It’s time the right people and right authorities are held responsible for !