Why have we become Materialistic Attention Seekers?


There’s no basic on/off button for you to do that. There’s an instrument incorporated with you (and numerous creatures including most primates) that is continually comparing you with the remainder of your companions. You are compensated with feeling better, cultivated, and effective if you advance upwards and filled with tension, melancholy, and dissatisfaction if you move downwards.

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These are the standards of the game and it has been written in your qualities and can’t be effectively changed. There are individuals who have gotten over their status uneasiness by separating from the game through and through. These are the priests and saints that we see. For them, this game doesn’t bode well any longer, so they sever looking for something different.

In any case, for individuals who are making the appearance of life, we are bound by the hierarchical idea of the game. Anyway as opposed to estimating your status by the vehicle you drive or by the life partner you have, you can change the measurements to something different. May be, you can check whether you can deliver more great in this world than your companions or might be you can check whether you can turn out to be physically more grounded/more advantageous than your friends.

We are for the most part attempting to build our status in the public arena, somehow. In any case, maybe we can attempt to gauge where we remain in the public eye by variables that draw out the best in us and our companions. With ever-growing phenomena of measuring status with all the materialistic possessions, it has become difficult for a common man to think out of the box. He’s chained by the societal ideals and is trapped in status anxiety. There’s a need for us to look within ourselves and find out the broader purpose for which we were given this life.