Why Have We Failed Our Women?


Women represent an important part of the world’s population. Despite having so many laws, so many programmes, so many safeguards for women, where do we lack? There are still numerous crimes being committed against women worldwide. To talk of our country, where the Kathua case verdict came on 10 June 2019, the country has already started demanding justice for the victim of the brutal Aligarh murder case. How unfortunate it is for us to witness this situation!

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Why do women face the consequences of disputes? If there are riots, women are raped; if there’s money dispute, a child is brutally murdered; if there’s rejection, women are attacked with acid. Then what are these laws for? What are those awareness programmes for? What is the importance of education? If the society cannot save and effort to save its daughters, what good is it for? Why women walk with a constant fear of being attacked even in the day let alone night?

This fear may sound exaggerated to many but the fact is, this fear is the truth women live with each day. What may be a casual street walk for others, may not be the same for women. Some fears have so deeply ingrained in their minds that they’ve become a part of their routine. They’ve learned to carry them and live with them.

There’s a need to free our women from this fearful burden, not just locally but globally. There’ a need to make a fighter out of every daughter. There’s a need to make sure that we groom our child in such a way that he does not become a perpetrator.