Why IG Basant Rath Hates Royal Enfield? Watch Shocking Video


Basant Rath, the 2000-batch IPS officer whose video of him kicking Bullet Enfiel and scooty went VIRAL on Social Media Like Wild Fire  a few days ago, has become a hit for his innovative ways to manage traffic.

Rath, who has been vocal about his intentions on social media platforms, is turning his words into action.

He hasn’t been shy about expressing himself either. “Using helmets while driving was like using condoms as both were meant for protection,” Rath had recently said, drawing a lot of criticism. Congress legislator Usman Majeed called this an “indecent and insensitive” post and accused Rath of acting like a goon, demanding his immediate attachment.

But the question is as to what is Basant Rath’s ‘facination’ with Bullets?

While some speculate that he is averse to people riding bullets, some deem it a matter of some past incident. It can only be guessed as to why Rath explicitly denounces the Enfield bulled bike and loathes those who ride them will all his heart.

Royal Enfields are both hated and loved. It has a great fan following. It is true that once you ride a bullet, you sell your soul. I can tell from experience.

The reason most people hate the bikes are many, the most important one being quality issues. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not give two hoots about quality. Reliability is not on their list of priorities. Customers who buy bullets have to be prepared to keep visiting the authorized service centers (where the employees have absolutely no idea why they’re even there) or have to find a trustworthy mechanic of their own. Listed below are the most common issues:

1.  Oil leaks which is the most common issue, even with the newer bikes (ask a fan and he says “the bull likes to mark its territory,” or something like that).

2.  Ignition failure (very, very common).

3.  Rusting of parts even in new bikes–a very common issue (some report rusting within a couple of weeks of delivery).

4.  Vibrations above speeds of 80-90. Very unfortunate for a 350 cc bike.

5.  Clutch/accelerator cables reportedly break within 5k kilometers.

6.  Reliability issues. You never know when you will get stranded in the middle of the road with a bullet, even with the most carefully maintained bike.

These are the reasons why people hate the bike.

We can’t say what is IG Basant rath’s reason but he probably wishes to hit the men of Jammu at their weakest spot as once a bullet lover, always a bullet lover. People put their toil and sweat in purchasing a Bullet enfield which is almost the price of a Nano Car.

Seeing Basant Rath kicking these bikes has definitely infuriated the youth of Jammu. We most certainly hope one day we would here his reason to hate the bike from his own mouth.

BUT, ride a bullet and it’s all forgiven…..that part I absolutely agree with.

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