Why inter-religion marriages cannot work in Jammu?

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By Roarke

Inter-religion marriages, more appropriately can be termed as a taboo in the state. The mere mentioning of this word might change people’s perception about you. They might look down on you for the simple fact that you hold a opinion which is against the philosophy of our society. Inter-religion marriages are treated as a forbidden space in which one cannot enter without taking a permanent leave from his/her family.

The younger generation can relate to this concept effortlessly as the whole inter-religion marriage thing often turns into a personal Bollywood movie wherein the couple have to experience pitfalls besides the thrill and joyfulness of getting together. So few challenges which are faced by the couples who have partners belonging to other religion can be boiled down as:


The first and foremost deadlock in inter-religion marriages in our state or in any part of the country is the cultural difference. Parents have this notion that their dignity comes at stake if the progeny would choose a life partner with a different cultural background. The rigidity in the thinking does not allow them to support their children thus pushing them to turn into villains for the duo.

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Earlier, this concept of getting married to a person belonging to the same community worked because at the distinctions were made on the basis of profession. Due to the lack of knowledge and education, people never preferred to make the system mobile enough for their progeny. Today things have changed and the younger generation tries finding like minded people irrespective of religious grounds.

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The differences in the belief system is a threat for inter-religion marriages. It has been drilled into our psyche that inter-religion marriages are actually a blot on our society. Relatives dislike it because they think it might affect their children and it is likely that they might take such steps in future which would be intolerant for them. When children resort to such activities, it actually poses a threat to traditions and cultural values bringing instability in their society.

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Even if some families allow their children to marry the person of their choice, the adjustment by the relatives in majority of the cases is the biggest hurdle. For example, a Hindu boy or girl is accustomed to idol worshipping but on the other hand Sikhs or Muslims strictly condemn it. These basic differences are a barbed barricade and are entirely inescapable. The couple needs to make extra efforts to overcome such obstacles. Honour killing is also one of the scares that stop these marriages from happening.

Welcoming this new fad of inter-religion marriages is not easy for Jammuities as they are not ready to bear the brunt of their children’s actions or their attempt to tamper their culture. Love seemingly has bounds and the murderers of love are, in most cases, our own relatives.

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