Why is Unemployment in Jammu double than Kashmir?

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Jammu, May 15

The sufferings of the Educated Unemployed youth of the Jammu district are increasing with every passing day. Their number is more than double as compared to the number in Kashmir valley.

As per the figures released by Jammu For India (JFI), a recently formed Socio-Political Organisation, on non-gazetted employees have shown that the Civil Secretariat, seat of power in the state, continues to be dominated by people from the Kashmir valley with a whopping 73.67 per cent.

The ratios of employees from the Jammu region comprise only 26.3 per cent while the figure of people from Ladakh is the worst with 0.68 per cent at the Civil Secretariat.JFI convener Hari Om stated that from the Assembly records, the unemployment rate in Kashmir was less than 30 per cent compared to 69.75 per cent in the Jammu province. He added that off the nearly 4.5 lakh employees working in Government and Semi-Government establishments, including corporations, in Jammu and Kashmir, only 25 per cent were from Jammu.

The share of Jammu in the Class IV category of the civil secretariat was around 110 employees (29.48 per cent) while Kashmir had a share of 260 (70.52 per cent).The share of Jammu among gazetted positions was negligible and almost all gazetted positions were held by employees from Kashmir.

According to figures obtained from employment exchanges, the number of unemployed youths from Jammu was more than thrice compared to the figure in the Kashmir valley.

Jammu had 20,000 unemployed technocrats where as in Kashmir it’s less than 5,000. JFI member Hari Om held Centre Government responsible for the prevailing discontent in Jammu province as well as alienation of the region.
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