Why is youth in Jammu turning to drugs and liquor?

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Adolescents experiment alcohol and drugs and nobody can deny this fact.There are many reasons for young people in our city of Jammy indulging in drugs and sadly, no single reason can be labelled as the catalyst behind drug abuse.

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Experimental ‘Kick’

The experimental use of drugs and alcohol is something which is slowly being adopted by the youth in our state. It starts with the fashionable want to be ‘cool’ and then sinks its claws in you. Young boys and girls find it pleasurable and illicit drug use has become more like a fashion statement. Most people may be well aware of the negative effects but still the youth have a perception that the experimental ‘one time’ use of these hallucinogens will not harm them. Moreover consuming alcohol involves visual hallucinations and other delusions like aggression, impaired consciousness, prolonged sleep etc.

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Media has a role to play too

Drug abuse is shown as a fad and a casual thing in the entertainment world which is another reason why youth do not hesitate in trying it. According to a research, it has been found that young people who watch those movies which show drugs and associated stuff as a reasonable thing are likely to get involved in drug and alcohol use by a whopping 60 percent.

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Influence of Family

If a teenager sees his parents smoking and drinking alcohol and getting involved in all these activities, it is quite predictable that sooner or later, he will definitely feel an urge to try them. Besides that, it is pretty easy for these kids to experiment such substances, atleast liquor and sometimes Opium (afeem) as they will be available easily at home.



Youngsters who are generally shy and have inhibitions tend to try it more as they want to get rid of anxiety and low-self confidence issues. Such teenagers use drugs and they get the courage to sing, dance, talk etc . Buying alcohol from the nearest retail outlets is no big deal for them and after consuming it one feels instant delight as it acts as a stimulant.

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Another case related to this is that the drug peddlers look for prospective clients like rich kids and target them. In the beginning, rich brats are provided with trial doses for free and once they get addicted to the stuff, they start their business of charging a great amount from them as they know that the rich kids are more likely to pay up without many problems.

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Emotional problems

One more common reason behind alcohol use is heart-breaks. When a person is unhappy or frustrated or in search for a friend with whom he can share his problems, it is possible that they may turn to smoking or drinking. Other people who cannot stay alone or put up with insults can also  take such steps.

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