Why Jammu Srinagar National Highway becoming graveyard for Trade?


Jammu Srinagar National Highway which is the lifeline for the people of Jammu & Kashmir is now leaning towards the edge of becoming a graveyard. Due to frequent closure of the National highway, there is an immense loss of trade to the people and their business is now turning nothing more than a burial ground.

Traders who flourish their business by travelling through the National Highway are suffering great loss in business due to continuous suspension of traffic on the Jammu Srinagar National Highway. Due to the closure, they are not allowed to move towards Kashmir or back to Jammu which is causing immense trade loss worth crores of rupees.

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Valley trades mostly deal with fruits, vegetables and livestock and because of the suspension of traffic on Highway make them suffers a lot. Fruits and vegetables turns stale and livestock die in the truck when the highway is closed.

After so many years why the condition of Jammu Srinagar National Highway still the same? Why no necessary steps has not been taken till now to improve the situation of the highway?

Every time when there is a light spell of rain landslide occurs and traffic on highway gets suspended. Truck drivers carrying essential stock are like fruits and vegetables suffers loss worth crores. How is responsible for this loss? All the government till now has not come up with any solution to this problem or has provided with any alternative.

Jammu Srinagar National Highway is not becoming an all-weather road. Government should take necessary steps to restore the connectivity of the road throughout the year so that no one suffers any loss.