Why Kashmir fail to attract tourist this year? ‘zero occupancy’ says PHDCCI chairman


Kashmir:Why Kashmir is facing low tourist arrival this year despite of number of tourist attraction and campaign launched in the valley?

In the first six months of this year around 3.5 lakh tourist visits in the valley which is far low from 2016 in which around 6.5 lakh tourist visited.

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J&K Government has spent more than Rs 5 crore on tourism promotion activities, yet the tourist numbers are nowhere near those in 2016. Nothing has helped to increase the number of tourist in the valley.

Kashmir received 11 lakh tourists in 2017, which means 2.5 lakh less arrivals in 2018 despite a number of promotional events by the tourism department with India as well as in some foreign countries as well.

The campaign, titled ‘Valley Weekend’, invited visitors to various sports and entertainment activities throughout the winter. The activities included marathons, fishing, cycling, skiing, snowshoe running, folk music, rock music, theatre, and poetry recitations.

This year, the holding of parliamentary elections under intense security arrangements, and continuous killing of militants have created an atmosphere of fear. More than 100 militants, including 23 foreigners, have been killed in Kashmir in the first five months of 2019. About 50 youngsters have joined various militant outfits since March this year.