Why North-Indian Weddings take place late at night?


Ever wondered why the wedding rituals in North India are performed during the mid-night and in Southern states during the day.

During Muslim rule in India which is widespread in the Northern part of the Indian subcontinent, it was common to capture and enslave the local Hindu population even if it’s not the time of war. According to historian W.H. Moreland, “it became a fashion during Mohammaden rule/invasion in India to raid a village or group of villages without any obvious justification, and carry off the inhabitants as slaves”. Even Sufi saint Amir Khusro says “A Turkish Noble can seize, rape and sell any infidel Hindu”. One of the victims of these raids were the Hindu brides who were captured after the obvious slaughter of entire wedding procession and sold off as sex slaves to the places as far as Baghdad.

So to save the honour of the bride it became a custom to celebrate the wedding at night and in utter secrecy and silence. It is appropriate to suffix this statement with the cryptic remark of Koenraad Elst that “A left-over from this period is the North-Indian custom of celebrating weddings at midnight: this was a safety measure against the Islamic sport of bride catching”.

The Southern part of India remained substantially unaffected by Islamic rule hence in the states like Tamil Nadu weddings are still celebrated during daylight. This is just one instance of the barbarism of Turkish and Mughal rule in India.

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