Why P.M. Modi is losing his Popularity?


Narendra Modi has displeased most of us by his laws, one by one. Starting with ‘End of Dynasty Rule’ which was a lethal blow to all those who believed that the Nehru/Gandhi family only can rule Mother India. The second wrong step he took is Demonetization which broke the backbone of businessmen who believed only in unethical businesses. His third strike was the implementation of GST which took last breath out of unethical business empires who flourished during ‘Dynasty Rule’.

Likewise, he ordered many ‘Surgical Strikes’. Now, many people will say that surgical strikes were done by the forces. Yes, true. But who orders the forces? The President is the head of the Indian armed forces and, so, the actions of the forces depend on his orders. The President, also being a nominal head of the country, is bound by the decisions of the council of ministers which is headed by the Prime Minister. Now understood how government plays a role in such military actions?

NaMo also closed doors for all those who were doing illegal business. For example, NaMo started charging the full amount for cooking gas and the ‘subsidy’ amount to be directly credited in Beneficiary Bank Account. This step of him angered all those who were misusing subsidized cooking gas cylinders for hotels, vehicles and all other forbidden usages.

He, one by one, closed doors for all those who were doing unaccounted businesses. NaMo ensured that the common man of India doesn’t have to face government officers so that they cannot demand bribes by making most of the government services online.

Summing up, NaMo actually made life hell for all those who were leaching Mother India. NaMo opted to reduce his popularity (as is claimed) gradually for the sake of Mother India. And yes, his popularity must have decreased among the corrupt sharks of the market!

The days of, “Khao aur khane do” are gone with the Congress regime. It’s time for new days of, “Naa khud khauga, na kisi ko khane dunga”.

Fair enough?

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