Why sarbloh karas are preferred over stainless steel karas?

Kara is one among the 5 K’s of Sikhism. It is a circular bangle worn by Sikh men and women. Kara is believed to symbolise Oneness with God.

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The reason for most of the people choosing sarbloh karas over steel karas is that they believe iron have magnetic powers which helps to attract the positive energies and repelling negative ones at the same time. Since iron is a natural element, it has its own strong electromagnetic field which helps in storing the energy and then working as a resource to supply positive energy to our mind and body whenever we need it. It is believed to strengthen the Root Chakra and Heart Chakra which gives us a heavenly experience.

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Though people wear karas based on their will, some wear it on right hand while others on the left. There is no hard and fast rule to wear it but is it supposed that women should wear it on left hand whereas men should wear it on right hand. The motive is to maintain a balance between the different spheres of our minds.

One most important reason to wear kara is that it always remind us not to do something unfair with our hands.

With the changing trends of the society, the Karas are made from different metals. Actually these days, people have a huge variety to choose from- you have plain Karas, engraved Karas, sarbloh Karas, custom made Karas.

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