I will grow up and take a bullet for my Kashmir



“What do you want to become when you grow up?”

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This is probably a question that kids world over are asked. Where normally children reply with an innocent, I want to be a doctor or I want to be a teacher or a policeman, this kid from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir gives a shocking reply.

An educated sounding lady in the video asks his School teacher to ask him the same question.

Teacher: What do you want to do when you grow up?

He happily exclaims, ”I want to be a Mujahid.”

Teacher: What will you do becoming one?

Kid: “SHAHEED HOUNGA. I will become a martyr”

Teacher: Where will you take a bullet?

Kid points at his chest – “Idhar. Here!”

You can go through the rest of the video to see the role TEACHERS in POK are playing in manipulating the innocent minds of children. Small children who do not even understand why they even have to die for a cause no one clearly understands.

Where one looks up to teachers to show their child the path of righteousness, the sheer hatred that the teacher is pouring into the heart of this child is just one odd example. Millions of school children in extremist regions are being fed this hate on a daily basis. The so many terrorist attacks in the last few weeks are the easiest examples that highlight the seriousness of this video.

Disclaimer: This is a trending video and U4UVOICE does not take any responsibility to claim its authenticity.