Will Jammu be granted any share in the flood relief package?


The Government of India has recently announced an additional relief package of Rs. 500 Crore and Rs. 1000 Crore for restoration of damaged structures has once again failed to content the flood victims in the Jammu province. The people in this region fear that the additional package will go to Kashmir and the flood affected Jammu people will once again get nothing. Kashmir has been favored by the successive government constantly and now once again the region will face neglect.

Over nine months have passed since the tragedy shook the state, many parts of Jammu were swept away but the region is still in wait of adequate compensation. Nothing more than false promises has been granted to this region of the state, said an Udhampur sarpanch. He added that Jitendra Singh visited the Saddal village about two months ago and announced Rs. 13 lakh for a vocational training centre but the project is not visible beyond papers. People who have lost their houses in the tragedy are yet to be paid compensation. Continuous rains and landslides had further worsened the condition in the region. Nearly 85000 houses and other structures had suffered damages in over 10 districts of Jammu.

Farooq Inqlabi, Chairman J&K Democratic Development Front said the region has always faced discrimination by the State and the Centre government. He said that we are certain of the fate of this relief package as well, it will go to the Kashmir region and Jammu will be left disappointed once again. He said that in a village in Rajouri, over 15 families are yet to receive a single penny from the administration and there are hundreds of such villages which are yet to be reached.

One thought on “Will Jammu be granted any share in the flood relief package?

  • June 17, 2015 at 5:13 pm

    In these Floods Relief Packages what Jammu will get,just WAIT and see,because state govt demanded Rs2315 crores for Chenab River affected and Rs 1000 crores for Rajouri Poonch and Kathua,Udhampur.In Dogri popular saying”Lafod Shankh”who if ask to pay Rs 100,tell take Rs200 goes on multiplying with not single penny ever paid.


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