Will Modi magic be able to win Jammu and Kashmir for BJP?


38004783.cmsEven as the Modi wave has enabled BJP to saffronize Maharashtra and Haryana it remains to be seen what will be the influence of this charismatic leader in the ensuing Jammu and Kashmir polls. The influence of Modi was felt strongly during the Lok Sabha polls, and BJP won three seats in the state which was a historic first. The state of politics in Jammu and Kashmir at present in a flux with PDP trying to make inroads in Jammu plains as well as hilly areas in the province. The National Conference and Congress are facing strong anti-incumbency and they are down but the latter still can hold a bit of it’s turf. In such a situation, the BJP buoyoed by the historic Modi wave could do very well in Jammu region which is populated by Hindus but the big question is will Modi wave be able to influence the Muslims of the state. It has been seen recently that the strong intervention made by the Prime Minister during the recent floods has been greatly appreciated by people in Kashmir. The role of the Union government, and PMO in the relief, and rescue operations post the floods has also been hailed. Recently, the traders in Kashmir booed an NC cabinet minister while they welcomed a central minister. But will this positivity turn into political capital for the Modi led BJP in Kashmir valley, and other areas in the state where Kashmiris have always seen the party as it’s natural opponent. While it would be a tough ask even from PM Modi but anything is possible given the current mood.

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2 thoughts on “Will Modi magic be able to win Jammu and Kashmir for BJP?

  • October 21, 2014 at 10:57 pm

    Wounder,what strong intervention was made by Narinder Modi & who in Kashmir has appretiated the relief work of India?

  • October 22, 2014 at 11:01 am

    hahahah… what a joke.. bjp winning in kashmir??? in your dreams…


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