Will the new government consider minorities in the course of development?


The All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) expressed that the new PDP BJP government should work for the welfare of minorities and should redress their pending grievances that the successive governments have never addressed.

The chairman of the committee Jagmohan Singh Raina expressed that the previous NC-Congress coalition government did nothing for the good of minor communities and hence the PDP and BJP are expected to bring some change. The two should not repeat the same blunders committed by the previous governments and should take welfare measures for minorities in the state.

The chairman also alleged that Sikhs have already classified as a minor community and the previous government did not extend any provision on this in Jammu and Kashmir. He maintained that many a time we have approached the government in regards to this but despite our continuous appeals there was no relief to the community as Sikhs were yet to be categorized as a minority in this state.

The two parties have been given a decisive mandate by the people of Jammu as well as Kashmir. With this experimental chapter beginning in the state of Kashmir it is expected that the two regions would develop over the next six years. “The leaders of both the parties are responsible to ensure that there is no alienation amongst the people of the state,” added Raina. The new government also has a crucial challenge in the form of providing relief to the people affected by the devastating floods in the September. There is a lot of rehabilitation left to be done and the new government is responsible for it. To win the hearts of the people of both the regions, quick steps need to be taken.

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