Will new recruitment policy be youth friendly?


By citizen Journalist: Mayank

Jammu, May 06:

The new recruitment policy announced by the coalition government of BJP-PDP has received sharp criticism and faced the anger of the youth. In the new recruitment policy announced by the J&K government an individual will have to work as a contractual employee till seven years of his service and after seven years he/she will be regularized after seeking his/her performance.

A sharp criticism was given by the people to the new recruitment policy including some major political parties of the state like BJP, Congress, Panthers etc. besides some of the students unions. Now a days, we see many protests being held in different parts of the state. The student organisations while staging protests against the state government termed this policy as ‘anti-youth’ and mockery of the unemployed educated youth of the state. Some of the youth are hopeful that the government will not implement this recruitment policy as everyone works very hard to get the government jobs.

While some of the youth know that the our state is going through financial crunch and it is not possible for the government to give hefty amount of salary to the employees but seven years of probation period of seven years of contractual service is a long period and this period should be reduced. The youth also demand that some transparency be done in the recruitment procedure.

It is pertinent to mention here that the previous coalition government of NC-Congress headed by Omar Abdullah also announced a recruitment policy in which an individual needed to work as a contractual employee for a period of five years. At that time as well, the government received sharp criticism. The youth at that time also staged demonstrations at many places and at that time the government revoked its order.

This government can refrain from turning this mistake into a major problem.

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