One thought on “Will the ACC call for 72-Hour Bandh deliver any results?

  • July 29, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    BJP’s D-Day in Jammu! By Satish Sharma”BRAL” Sr Citizen Journalist:As reports appears in local media that DyCM,Dr Nirmal Singh and his party colleagues has rushed to Dehli to get AIIMS at Jammu,probably just damage control by them to save their faces.Since,all knows it,AIIMS at Jammu was announced in Budgetary address by FM,Mr Jaitley,and its Jammu based BJP leaders who guided by their vested political interests indeed spoiled the whole poltical gameplan to please their new found Kashmiri masters at behest of whom they declared AIIMS not any requirement of Jammu.Then indulges into dirty politics to even sabotage Tawi Artificial Lake ongoing Project,thereby endorsed CM announcemnt of shelving it.
    Now when the Jammu civil society has taken the path of fighting against injustice with their motherland on regional bias and prejudices,BJP noted their political ground virtually slipping,wake up to issue one after another contradictory statements,last month given written undertaking to the effect that AIIMS shall be open at Jammu,with lapse of deadline,their coalition partner PDP even on record to justified ACC struggling for Jammu cause with condition that kashmir too given one AIIMS.Briefly speaking,Jammu only to get AIIMS if Kashmir also given the same,in other words Kashmiri leadership not ready to see themselves in Jammu located proposed AIIMS.Such arrogant attitude on the part of PDP and other kashmir centric parties speak of volumes of regional integration being launched by BJP-PDP alliance.
    However,AIIMS or no AIIMS at Jammu,this hardly matters to Jammu people who developed habits of suffering at the hands of kashmiri leadership during last over six decades.But,this issue has eroded the credibility of BJP,exposed their DyCM,of late to watch only kashmiri interests to enjoy power.BJP given massive mandate by Jammu masses to see their plight and humiliations from BJP itself who allegedly functions as PDP’s Camp office at Jammu.ACC kled by JKHC Bar Association has rightly warned BJP leadership with serious political consequences if failed to ACT within next 24 Hrs to get AIIMS or to face finally,Jammu’s BOYCOTT of such Jai Chands busy in betrayals of Jammu people.BJP U-Turns on major issues already brought disaster for them,now to face popular onslaught against them in case,fails to honour Jammu’s demand for AIIMS.


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