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Will the BJP give up Deputy CM’s post, and self respect to save the coalition Govt

PDP, BJP, CONGRESSSpeculation is rife that BJP in order to save it’s nose, and escape the shame of getting booted out of the coalition government is likely to give up the post of Deputy CM as per the wishes of Mehbooba Mufti. The Modi government will also send liberal funds to the state unlike in the recent past when the centre remained tight pursed upsetting the PDP applecart. Although final decision in this regard is yet to be taken but sources said that party High Command has been apprised about the PDP’s objections to government formation, and it is now for the BJP to take a call.

Mehbooba has also set three conditions for government formation and these include scrapping the post of Deputy CM, liberal funds for J&K, and no public statements by BJP leaders on sensitive issues. This effectively means that if BJP agrees to these conditions it eventually means a big slap on the face of voters in Jammu who had voted for the saffron party in the hopes of ending discrimination.

Ironically, there is however strong apprehension that giving up the post of Deputy CM will badly dent the image of BJP in Jammu region, and also would hurt the saffron party for what is being described as appeasement of power. By yielding to the pressure tactics of Mehbooba, and her party PDP, the Amit Shah led party is being seen as weak and lacking conviction to ideology which has been it’s hallmark since the days of inception. For the sake of power, BJP has also been accused of giving up stands on Article 370, delimitation in J&K, on the rights of west Pak refugees who happen to be Hindus.